We are dedicated to the upliftment
of all women

The International Women of Purpose Cultural Association (IWOPCA) is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower, educate and celebrate women from diverse cultural backgrounds. We believe that diversity is not about how we differ but about embracing one another’s uniqueness. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive community where women can share their stories, learn from each other and grow together. We also advocate for social justice and human rights for women. Our vision is to see a world where every woman can fulfil her potential and purpose.

One of our focus is promoting inclusive and accessible workplaces for individuals with disabilities. We will be raising awareness about the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In fostering inclusive work environments, IWOPCA’s focus will be on promoting inclusive and accessible workplaces for individuals with disabilities. Our plan is to provide employer support and accommodate employers to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities for career development.

IWOPCA started because our founder Dr Love Nwigwe saw a need for women in the immigrant communities just moving to Canada, who struggled to find resources like; where to go for credentialing, where to find ingredients to prepare cultural food, and where to go for social support. 

Dr Love has always enjoyed being part of a community of women who support each other and share their passions. That’s why she decided to start a group where she could bring women together for socializing, and as needs arose in the lives of other women, we found ways to meet those needs. Whether it was helping a single mother with groceries, offering a shoulder to cry on, or organizing a social visit for a lonely senior, we were there for each other.

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